{crafted by the seasons}

Welcome to crafted by the seasons; a writing project, a meditation on place, a practice in experience. We are Michael and Joanna {aka Mike and Jo}; siblings raised in the pacific northwest who unexpectedly settled in the Heartland about a decade apart.

Mike is chef at Hotel Washington and Studio on Washington Island in Door County Wisconsin.

Jo is a writer and historian based in northern Illinois.

Our vision is to share weekly offerings on the experience of living spring, summer and fall in the rural upper Midwest. If there is one thing that governs our lifestyle in this part of the country it is the changing of the seasons. This ritual rotation draws us inward and it ushers us back into the natural world; and by this motion we are crafted.  

This story is happening all around you and you are part of it.  
We would love for you to take a moment to share a few sentences about how the seasons craft you: 
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Week 17:

Wild Things

Week 16:

Basil Ice Cream

Week 15:

Refrigerator Pickling 

Week 14: 

The March of Mid-Summer

Week 13:

Boone County


Week 12:


Week 11:


Week 10:


Week 9:
On the road, we found that there are still places where the internet cannot be reached 

Week 8:


Week 7:


Week 6:

Kitchen Garden

Week 5:

Washington Island


Week 4:
{back next week, sometimes life gets in the way of writing about it}

Week 3:

Mike's Kitchen

You are Here!

Week 2:

The Universe on a Paper Plate

Reflections from the Road

Week 1: 

One Season at a Time


Cheers & gratitude,

Jo & Mike

p.s. he's my little brother

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