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Exploration is my lifeblood, small scale as it may be these days, it is the experience of place and my reflection upon it that keeps me feeling alive and inspired.  On most Fridays I feature a {favorite} place that I have recently experienced.  Most are within a day trip of my home in Northern Illinois.  Below are links to these finds; I hope you find a favorite among them...

I love driving through rural Wisconsin.  Always it feels fresh, and ripe for the discovery of some possibly brief but enticing new thing; always it feels familiar and comfortable and close to home. 
Rural Wisconsin

What is a find?  Something you discover, or uncover, something new, unexpected, perhaps a thing sought after?  Something longed for or just happened upon. 
Free Art

Some places just have it – and the Madison Children’s Museum is one of them.  Last week my 30 toes and I had the delight of spending an afternoon discovering, playing and creating at this gem.
Madison Children's Museum and the Creative Life

An island in Lake Michigan seven miles north of the tip of Wisconsin's Door Peninsula, a masterpiece of beauty and respite 

The Driftless is an area of the upper Midwest that was bypassed by the glaciers of the last ice age, left a beautiful and undulating landscape not typical of this vast region of the country.  Its reaches in Wisconsin are home to my favorite personal retreat spot, this series highlights some of its beauties 

Everyone needs a favorite coffee shop, mine local crush is in Belvidere, Illinois

Cute town and great market, what could be better...

Located in Poplar Grove, Illinois, Edwards Apple Orchard is a regional favorite and a family tradition

A signal that the coming of autumn is eminent...rural roadside corn stands

Located in Eagle, Wisconsin, just under an hour west of Milwaukee, Old World Wisconsin is a treasure trove of history brought to life, a wonderful day trip for children and adults alike

Located somewhere in rural northern, Illinois my kitchen is my favorite room in my house; creativity, community and nourishment

An awe striking organic farm and CSA located in Caledonia, Illinois

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